Friday, March 11, 2005

Terrorism, Democracy, Video Games, and Luis Vuitton

I have to apologize for yesterday's absence of material. I meant to post and did not get a chance to as terrorists had hijacked my blog. By terrorists I mean video games and laziness. While my intentions in keeping this blog were never to write an entry everyday. I had planned on writing an entry about I-forget-what and possibly some-other-stuff yesterday.
The reason I am saying that video games and laziness are terrorists is because I felt it was my turn to jump on the bandwagon and further the cause of the war on ideology. It just seems to me that if you want to make someone your enemy all you have to do is call them a terrorist and all of your buddies will agree to help out with the witch hunt. I always thought you had to commit an act of terror, or something like that, before people started calling you a terrorist, much like to be a scientist you have to commit an act of science. Apparently that isn't true in anymore.
It seems though that terrorists have become the new "they" or "them", they are the new "they" of today. When you need to complain about something or scare someone just use "the terrorists" in your complaint or fear mongering instead of "they" or "them". For example: 'We need to ban 50 caliber rifles because terrorists can get them and shoot down planes, or blow up chemical tanks with them.' or my favorite 'We need to start regulating lasers and laser diodes because terrorists can blind pilots with them.'
Maybe soon we will be hearing stuff, like 'Outlaw abortion, it's what the terrorists want!' or 'Goth kids are just terrorists in training.' maybe even 'Homosexuality and gay marriage is just a plot to undermine our traditional American values, weakening our social structure and making it easier for the terrorists to invade, burn our bibles, and make the women wear black hoods.' Perhaps we are actually already hearing these sorts of things in various conversations throughout the US. Much like during the cold war, drugs, hippies, and rock music were all just secret communist plots to erode our democratic values.
Steve Radke of Ferndale, Washington wrote a letter to the Editor of the Bellingham Herald asking. "How do soldiers who kill civilians differ from terrorists?" My answer would be simple; the soldiers are killing people that they think are terrorists. People like you who support this notion that there are terrorists everywhere make it easier for us to go to war with other people. You make it easier for the soldiers to follow orders, really you do.
Speaking of letters to the editor of the Bellingham Herald, here is an excerpt from a letter by Glenn Stewart of Ferndale, Washington:
"Spreading democracy is no guarantee of a peaceful world; to suggest such a thing to the American people, who face serious problems, is an insult. Our mission is to make this democracy work, only then should we take it on the road."

To which I reply; "What do you mean our democracy isn't perfect, when even the girls at the county assistance office have Luis Vuitton purses?"



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