Sunday, March 13, 2005

Divided We Fall

It sure seems to me that in the modern political world of the United states, we the people are divided fairly equally. In other words it seems as though we are all nicely partitioned into our specific demographics. In my opinion, the exit polls of the last election looked exactly like I expected them to, take a look for yourself:
CNN's" Exit Polls
What the exit poll says to me is that a simple census could've predicted George Bush as the winner. Really that's beside the point though, the thing I want you to notice is how perfectly cut in half we are. It was a really close election and it just boggles my mind how divided we are about how the government should run our country. You'd think that with as many people as there are in the US, and with as long as we've been at this whole democracy thing, we'd have fewer issues for the politicians to bring up during the elections. I really don't think the elections of yesteryears were quite so close as they've been in the last 20.
Granted our culture is constantly changing, people are quite different now than they were in the 50's. I just don't see how we could've changed so much that no one agrees on anything anymore.
To me it appears convenient for the politicians though. Somewhere close to half the country isn't very happy that our president is GW right now. The half that is happy because he is president now, was in the same position when Clinton was in office.
"Impeach him!", they cried, but to no avail. Perhaps they'd be happier with a man like Quayle?
What I'm trying to say is that with half of the country taking turns being completely unhappy with our government (the presidency is just a good example), we are getting desensitized to feelings of malcontent for our government. Just think of how many people there are in the US dissatisfied with our government. Is it so hard to imagine that those numbers are growing?
So I am thinking that the longer we spend disgruntled over the condition of our government the easier it becomes for our government to do as they please without concern for what's best for the individual.
What I'm suggesting is in no way any sort of conspiracy theory. I think that individual politicians have an idea of how they think the world should be. If the people will still vote for them even when they barely support the politicians views then they are free to exercise those views.
With more and more issues making it into the political arena, it's getting easier for the politicians to get the votes they want without having to address any real issues. For example: abortion, this isn't a real issue, it's a total cop out. The people who are against it are only against it because they've been led to believe that it is acceptable to tell other people what to do with their reproductive organs. It doesn't matter how you look at the issue the fact is that it will remain legal. So regardless of a politician's stance on abortion they aren't going to do anything about it. You might as well vote for the politician whose favorite color is coolest. If they do get into office with an anti-abortion stance the most they will do is support some virtually meaningless restriction just so that they can keep the anti-abortion voters for re-election. Same thing with gay marriage, the only reason it isn't legal is because the votes aren't behind it. It should be legal even though much less than 51% of us are gay or support their right to marry. It's just not a real issue. Gay people should be able to band together and ask their government to recognize their union, right? Then big daddy government should say "Ok, we'll right it down and make it official." at least you'd think.
Politics just isn't about people anymore, and it has nothing to do with common sense. It's turned into this I'm better than you contest or something.
I really don't believe that we the people of the United States of America get a lot back from our government. It seems the government is more concerned about whether or not gay people can marry than they are about a healthcare system that works. Not only that but I'll bet you more of the people are worried about whether gay people can marry than affordable healthcare. It gets more press coverage I believe.
I've heard some people say that the news media are pawns of the government, that may be true, but I think it's the other way around.



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