Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Day of the Invasion

Uncommon, Mostly Useless, or Completely Useless Word of the Day

1.>An article of movable personal property.
2.>A slave.

This word is: Uncommon and Completely Useless

Why: We no longer have slaves, that's why, and even if we did, couldn't we just call them slaves?

Pretentious Factor: 9 (You are a completely pretentious asshole if you use this word, ever.)

Community College Notes

I hate to do it, but I feel overwhelmingly compelled to. Yes, that's right, I am going to blog a few aspects of my personal life. I am breaking this rule of Derogatory Statements because it has a lot to do with what I've been thinking lately.
Here are the notes I took in my English 100 class yesterday unedited:
- Writing is voodoo
- community college blows, you will not get a quality education out of one
- The girl in front of me won't leave her purse alone, it must be her
- It is disgusting that this college lets banks, credit card companies, and magazine sales companies post their advertisements in our classrooms, seems a bit fishy to me
- This teacher is retarded, retarded but she has an MA in ?something? - She just said "Yoga bitch!"
- Fuck!!!!! This class is going to blow
- I need 4 notebooks or something like that
- I think the guy sitting next to me is homeless, he smells, and has grass stains all over his shoes
Now I will attempt to explain just why I wrote these sorts of things in class.
- Writing is voodoo
It seems to me that some people have studied the English language for so long that they have begun to assign it special magic powers that it of course does not possess. Or perhaps they have studied it so passionately because they originally thought that it had magic powers. For example: an essay about a boring topic, if written well, will be a pleasure to read. Or also, if you use enough big words people will think you are smarter and your essay about "a bunch of crap" will mean more to them.
I'm sorry but if a person can express their ideas clearly and SIMPLY, then what more do they need to know. Apparently to be a student in college you have to nitpick the grammar and composition of writing and speaking to death. Apparently you need to know more about the English language than you know about the rest of the world we live in. And of course, (I never get sick of hearing this) 'You'll be surprised how much of what you learn here will be useful later in life.' Surprise! You won't be using any of it.
- community college blows, you will not get a quality education out of one
I say this because the quality of instructors I have encountered so far seems to be lacking. I couldn't possibly imagine these people teaching at a real university.
- The girl in front of me won't leave her purse alone it must be her lifeline.
She kept getting into her little blue purse. She got out her glasses, some lip balm, and dug around in there at least 20 times without actually getting anything out of it. The strange thing was, she did this all one-handed and every time she opened and closed it. I kept thinking "Why don't you just leave it open if you're going to get back into it in 10 minutes?"
- It is disgusting that this college lets banks, credit card companies, and magazine sales companies post their advertisements in our classrooms, seems a bit fishy to me
There were advertisements for all kinds of scams on the bulletin board. In fact there were more scam advertisements up there than there were flyers about school activities. These institutions have no principle whatsoever; I can't believe they tolerate this sort of thing. The student government gets money for putting up this garbage in our classrooms. I just think it shows an attitude of apathy towards the well being of the students.
How many college students are overwhelmed by credit card debt and bills for things they thought they could afford but can't? The answer is probably most, and these sick fucking people know this and they exploit it to its fullest. They don't care about America or its students they only care about money. They don't care if what they are doing is wrong or harmful to society, they just have someone's pockets to fill and that's their job.
- This teacher is retarded, retarded but she has an MA in ?something?
Well she just doesn't seem to be the brightest bulb in the chandelier. I find that of the graduate students I've encountered in my lifetime, not a whole lot of them are as smart as you'd think they would be. Let's put it this way for as long as she's been speaking, studying, and teaching English she sure does mess it up. Crap you should hear her read, she reads out loud like a 12 year old.
- She just said "Yoga bitch!"
She told us this amusing story about when she was in school and her professor took yoga. Her professor would expected them to be there at 12 but sometimes wouldn’t show up herself until 12:30 without informing the students because she was at her yoga class, hence the “Yoga Bitch!”
- Fuck!!!!! This class is going to blow
I don’t really need to explain this do I? It’s a pass/fail with a lot of garbage essay writing.
- I need 4 notebooks or something like that
I have to get a system for keeping four different sets of notes, some of which will have to be turned in. Yay!
- I think the guy sitting next to me is homeless, he smells, and has grass stains all over his shoes
He shows up late, is 10 minutes late getting back from our 10-minute break, and doesn’t have anything including a pen. His hair is all screwed up on his head like he just woke up. He smells something fierce, like cigarettes, turf, butthole, and laundry that haven’t been washed in a month. In fact his laundry has all of the appearances of not being washed, ever. I'm specualting that he mows lawns for a living due to the grass stains on his sneakers, he'd probably call it landscaping.
At least he isn’t one of those compulsive jigglers who make the desks jiggle all of the time from bouncing their knee up and down. But why the fuck did he have to sit right next to me? I obviously make him nervous, as I intended to, but for some reason he had to sit right next to me. Maybe it’s because I made the dumb mistake of making eye contact when he walked in the room 20 minutes late. Really though it’s hard not to want to look into the eyes of the excessively late if but only to wonder what could possibly make them so tardy.
So that’s what my English 100 class is like, I honestly didn’t learn anything else from it. Partly because their was nothing to learn and partly because I couldn’t keep my mind focused on the drivel pouring out of the instructors face hole.


Friday, April 01, 2005


Uncommon, Mostly Useless, or Completely Useless Word of the Day

1.> A predatory attack; a raid.
2.> Damage or loss

This word is: Uncommon

Why: Everyday conversation just usually doesn't call for it. Also when people use 'depredation' they are typically describing the condition of the ravaging or attack, and most people will be satisfied in just stating that there was a ravaging, attack, degrading of condition, and so on, while avoiding going into detail or using colorful words like 'depredation'.

Smart Factor: 10 (Depredation is just such a sexy word, I like to imagine that only novelists use it in everyday conversation.)

Need Help

I need help with two things:
1.> How to use meta tags, or how to get my blog into google period?
2.> What bit of html I should look for to change the width of the text on my blog?

I appreciate any help anyone can offer me. Blogger sent me an automated e-mail when I asked them about it.

So Much For Daily Posts

Well I took a little time off from blogging. I couldn't tell you exactly why, that's just something I do occasionally, I just lose interest in things really easily. Maybe it's a symptom of growing up in a culture of over-stimulation, and maybe that's just a bunch of hooey.
Speaking of a bunch of hooey. My girlfriend works in a personal care home. Currently she is taking care of one lady who is on hospice care and is of course dying. This lady's daughter came in and placed crystals all over her body to give her more peaceful energy for passing on to the other side or some bologna like that. After spending the whole day realigning her mother's chakras, or whatever, she mentions to my girlfriend that she thinks christianity is a bunch of hooey. How's that for warped? Christianity is a bunch of hooey but my crystals and new age weirdness aren't.
Granted I also think christianity is a bunch of hooey, but I can't help but rate crystals on an even higher level of hooeyness than christianity. Maybe it's because christianity isn't the new religion du jour and new age pseudo-hippy crap is, I don't know.
Is that unfair of me to think so? I can't decide if I am being unfairly sympathetic towards christianity or overly hateful towards new age pseudo-hippy garbage. Perhaps I think less of the pseudo-hippy garbage because it is usually associated with drug use and the marijuana culture of which I am so familiar.
In other news Terri Schiavo finally died and the pope is on his way. Good news for the depraved, YAY!
Honestly though, I think the Terri Schiavo ordeal was a good lesson for stupid people who need to learn from the media's sensationalism because they can't form their own opinions without the TV's permission to do so. This is a new world we are living in, people need to get themselves accustomed to it.
Well, that's all, hope I have more for you soon. I also hope I don't forget my blog exists again.
Also, enjoy the links I just put up on the sidebar, and let me know if any of them die and I will fix them.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Lapping Wings

Uncommon, Mostly Useless, or Completely Useless Word of the Day

Intoxicated; drunk.

This word is: Uncommon and Completely Useless

Why: Just imagine using it in everyday conversation. Also there are a multitude of synonyms to replace it.

Smart Factor: 2 (Using this word might make you sound cooler than Pauly Shore, hence the 2 instead of a 1.)

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A Lull in Deliberation

Too Bad Our Culture Made Me Forget Japanese

Neurological Differences in Sexes May not be Biological
The president of a major university is under fire for suggesting that neurological differences have been found between men and women.
Naturally, all egalitarians have been raising a stink – the same stink raised when a book called “The Bell Curve” suggested that differences in standardized test scores between white and black people meant that whites were “just smarter.”
A similar mistake.
Psychologists and pediatricians often refer to “neuroplasticity” – the phenomenon that a newborn’s brain (any species) is practically a blank slate. For example: an infant is biologically equipped to
speak any language; it just forgets all the languages it doesn’t hear, making room for techniques like walking. Through neuroplasticity, we’ve found that almost no part of a human being is innate – rather it’s grown. What’s the first thing a little boy baby hears? “Oh, he’s so strong!” And a little girl baby? “Oh, she’s so beautiful.”
Anybody paying attention should realize that the differences in the way men and women are grown don’t stop there. Gender
roles are cultural, not biological – and as culture using animals, that deeply affects our minds. It’s no surprise there are neurological differences between men and women; our fatal error lies in assuming that those differences are natural.

Richard Hartnell

I read this piece of work today in the Bellingham Herald, my favorite newspaper in the whole world. This letter was sent in to Scott Ayers the editorial page editor for the Bellingham Herald. Why some people feel it is necessary to voice their opinions in the newspaper is beyond me?
My first problem with this piece of work is his reference to “The Bell Curve”. He quotes “The Bell Curve” as stating that white people are “just smarter” than black people. “The Bell Curve” never once said anything like that; it only stated that white Americans scored better than black Americans. The findings of “The Bell Curve” had nothing to do with Africans in Africa, Southern Indians, or any other people than American citizens.
Second, Neuroplasticity doesn’t quite mean what Richard wants it to mean. It means that the brain can form new neural connections in order to repair injury or for some other reason that no one has yet defined (except Richard). The theory of neuroplasticity does not suggest that the human brain isn’t born with genetic or innate abilities, only that it changes and has the ability to change. While I support the idea that culture can affect how one’s brain develops, I don’t in any way support the idea that a child born with Down syndrome will win a Nobel Prize such as Richard would suggest.
Also, I have a bit more faith in our culture than Richard perhaps, but I don’t believe boys or girls are raised any differently concerning math. I’ve never once encountered anyone praising boys’ math or science abilities over girls’, that doesn’t even begin to make sense. Tell me if this sounds like a normal thing to say, “Susie, you just aren’t good with science because you’re a girl.” Or how about “I don’t know why you study math so much Billy, you’re a boy, you’re naturally good at it.” Maybe I missed it when the “Super Cool Math Toy for Boys” was invented. Really, that’s all that Lawrence Summers, President of Harvard University, is suggesting is that boys test higher at math and science than girls and that perhaps it's physiological. If it was cultural then I’m sure Richard would’ve named the culture in which women do better with math and science. Or perhaps that culture doesn’t exist?
What poor Richard doesn’t understand is that humans are a sexually dimorphic species, meaning males and females of a species are markedly different, there is no way around this. This refers to every aspect of our bodies including our brains. In fact everyone knows that hormones affect our thinking, why else would people using steroids (male hormones) go into fits of rage. No one ever went into a fit of rage because of taking birth control pills. Everyone has known a woman who gets a little weird around that time of the month. Therefore it is simple to surmise that based on our hormonal makeup alone, men and women’s minds are different. Hormones affect thinking, why not chromosomes?
I’d like to mention that children are not grown like potatoes they are raised, and culture is not something we “use”, it is (in my opinion) the expression of a survival mechanism common to all social mammals. It is, by itself, in many ways innate. I believe we are born with culture and without anyone to imitate we would make our own personal culture.
Finally, I just don't know anyone in their right mind who would go along with this: "For example: an infant is biologically equipped to speak any language; it just forgets all the languages it doesn’t hear, making room for techniques like walking." As I've started saying, "Some people are only concerned with the dialogue, not what it means." In other words it appears that some people say things just because they sound nice and not because they mean anything at all. We'll get to that later, maybe that'll be tomorrow's post.


Uncommon, Mostly Useless, or Completely Useless Word of the Day

1.> Sudden impairment of neurological function, especially that
resulting from a cerebral hemorrhage; a stroke.
2.> A sudden effusion of blood into an organ or tissue.
3.> A fit of extreme anger; rage.

This word is: Uncommon and Mostly Useless

Why: I've never heard it spoken, nor have I spoken it. "Stroke" and "fit" seem to cover it well. I suppose occasionally one might need to refer to the point at which someone goes from fine to retarded in an instant, but like I said, I've never heard it.

Smart Factor: 8 (Only if you can use it in a sentence that absolutely calls for it. In which case you personally deserve a smart factor of at least 8.)

Monday, March 14, 2005

The Silent Chime

Uncommon, Mostly Useless, or Completely Useless Word of the Day


Irritable or short-tempered; irascible.

This word is: Uncommon and Completely Useless

Why: First of all it's generally considered slang. Second I have never heard it spoken; I've only ever encountered it in writing. Finally there are quite a number of more common and readily understandable ways to say “snarky”, such as “grouchy” or even if you wanted to use a word that made you appear intelligent or privy to some esoteric manner of speaking, you could say “cantankerous”, that’s a cool word.

Smart Factor: 5

(Side Note: Isn't it annoying when the dictionary uses an uncommon and completely useless word to define another uncommon word?)

Methimazole, Hives, and a Touch of Irony

Perhaps the reason I worked on my blog so much yesterday was because that's really all I could do. Though I vowed not to write about my personal life here, but to only record my thoughts and opinions, I will recite this tale of woe in it's entirety for the sake of better explaining my opinions of the pill culture.
It all started with hyperthyroidism, (no this isn't a form of alien's are gods pseudo-scientific philosophy that holds the thyroid to be a symbiotic divine being that lives within our necks waiting to be harnessed through meditation so that we may channel an extra-dimensional force in order to attain enlightenment, quit smoking, and lose weight), a condition where the thyroid is overactive. The thyroid is the metabolic pacemaker, it affects all areas of the body especially digestion and heart rate.
With my heart rate skyrocketing and my body weakening I sought help in the form of doctors. I had options, try taking pills to calm it down or have it ablated with a radioactive iodine pill. Which would you have chosen? I chose none of the above. Instead I waited until my heart palpitations got bad and then got a prescription for Propranolol.
The palpitations got better but I still felt like crap almost a year later when I had the opportunity to go to another doctor. So on his advice I started taking Methimazole a thyroid inhibitor. Three out of one-hundred people taking Methimazole experience side effects, so 3%. I just happened to be in the 3% margin and broke out with giant hives all over my body while my esophagus swelled almost closed.
I've never even seen a hive in my life so I thought I was getting some weird disease like rheumatic fever, polio, or meningitis. I had also considered for a moment the possibility that I was going to star in a new reality show series called The Plague, where contestants die, come back to life, and compete on national television for brains.
I never wanted to take any pills in the first place, in fact I'd have been happy to go through life without ever taking another pill. I take vitamins but I won't take a Tylenol if I have a raging headache, I will take a bath and eat wasabi instead. I feel like life is full of natural pains and these are reasonable and if you can deal with them without medication then do so.
The reason I started taking any medications was because I was in a bad position (mostly I didn't have health insurance and America hates poor people), I was having unreal palpitations, it was scary and I thought I was going to die. That's what it took to get me to take pills, and then because my guard was down, later I allowed my endocrinologist to prescribe another pill. Can you see the irony? As soon as I let my guard down I get screwed over with serious side effects. The worst possible side-effects were a necrotic liver and death, I guess I lucked out this time.
To further prove the incompetence of the medical system I continue my tale. I go into the emergency room complaining of severe heartburn AND hives. At the time it felt like really bad acid reflux or something, but I also had hives, and I said that I thought it was an allergic reaction to my medicine. They never listen, the doctor said that the hives just looked like bug bites and gave me a prescription for Prevacid. What a completely asinine fool. So being comforted by their infinite wisdom I go home and go to bed. I wake up feeling fine the next day, UNTIL I took my morning pills, vitamins Propranolol and Methimazole. I suffered all day until about 11:PM I couldn't take it anymore and went back to the ER. Now that my hives were enormous and I couldn't swallow they take me seriously. They gave me a powerful antihistamine, and I ask, "Is it possible that I could be allergic to this too?, to which he replied, "That's a very good question." Thanks teacher, I already had one drug interaction and what's their solution, MORE DRUGS of course. How dumb can you be? Well I'll tell you how dumb. I took the pill because I'm a bit of a gambler, I figure with the odds of this killing me I could win the lottery three times, so what the heck.
Good news I'm alive and my hives are subsiding, mostly because I didn't take Methimazole this morning I'm sure.
My abstinence with medications has paid off in the past, I am rarely affected by common maladies. I barely ever get sick, if I get a headache I have learned to ignore it even when it is really painful which is more useful than learning to swallow a pill, and it costs less money.
My biggest issue is antibiotics, the last time I took an antibiotic was when I was a child. I'm not dead, and I have had colds, though less and less frequently. You need an immune system, if every time a person gets a cold or influenza they take antibiotics, how are their bodies ever going to get stronger against these illnesses? On the rare occasion that I am sick I will be sick for no more than 24 hours. When I say sick, I mean "feverish," or "shouldn't go into work or school," not "I have a little cough or a runny nose."
I even survived pneumonia once with nothing but 3 days of sleep, water, and a small bowl of mashed potatoes. Though I wouldn't do it that way again, it worked. Now I would go to the doctor if I had pneumonia, but never if I had a cold or a small infection.
Also, what's with all of these antibacterial products you see everywhere? Never bought any of them and I'm not covered in infectious sores and scabs. I never put Neosporin or even a Band-aid on a cut or scrape. I once had a hole the size of a nickel in my shin where you could see the bone and that healed up fine with no serious infection. I always hear people say things like, 'If I don't put Neosporin on it it will get infected.' It will get infected anyways, and guess what, you won't die from it. Most every cut or scrape gets slightly infected with bacteria, but that's just life, you get a scar and you're fine. Soon we'll have anti-bacterial bread, antibacterial paper, or my favorite antibacterial bullets. I think that's actually marketable.
Another thing I take issue with is the drug companies. At some point they got the brilliant idea that they could market their drugs directly to the consumer instead of through the doctors. They have since come up with a heap of gimmicks in order to sell their drugs at higher prices. Does anyone else think it's screwed up that they market their pills by brand name just like they are Nike sneakers. Some people will only buy brands because they think it's better, you know who you are, sick freaks.
So now we have patients and doctors sold on this idea that some drugs that are identical to cheaper ones are better, or maybe they're just sold on the idea that they are saving money by buying the generic made by the same company, maybe that's the real scheme? Everyone knows that some people will buy something just because they think they can save money.
While it's nice to live in a capitalist society it has it's shortcomings. Do I think the government should step in and muzzle the irresponsible drug companies? No, I think the drug companies should be an honest business, and not try to push as many pills down our throats as possible. Medications are a necessary part of a working society, they should be proud to fulfill that need. They can still make a lot of money by being the best, they don't have to resort to conniving marketing schemes.
In theory I believe that's the way capitalism is supposed to succeed, the people with the best services succeed. Now it seems like whoever has the best brand name or other superficial and unnecessary quality wins, and I think America suffers in it's own stupidity for it. Perhaps the government could urge the companies to change their policies, but of course never force them to change unless it violates someone's rights. That's just not the way it works is it? I believe we have party hackery and greedy lawyers to thank for that.
One last thing, I have a quote from USA Today,

Drug side effects and other related health problems reported to the Food
and Drug Administration reached an all-time high in 2004, a
government estimate shows.

Perhaps it's time we lay off the drugs a bit?


Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Day I Died An Apparition Appeared In My Bathtub

Divided We Fall

It sure seems to me that in the modern political world of the United states, we the people are divided fairly equally. In other words it seems as though we are all nicely partitioned into our specific demographics. In my opinion, the exit polls of the last election looked exactly like I expected them to, take a look for yourself:
CNN's" Exit Polls
What the exit poll says to me is that a simple census could've predicted George Bush as the winner. Really that's beside the point though, the thing I want you to notice is how perfectly cut in half we are. It was a really close election and it just boggles my mind how divided we are about how the government should run our country. You'd think that with as many people as there are in the US, and with as long as we've been at this whole democracy thing, we'd have fewer issues for the politicians to bring up during the elections. I really don't think the elections of yesteryears were quite so close as they've been in the last 20.
Granted our culture is constantly changing, people are quite different now than they were in the 50's. I just don't see how we could've changed so much that no one agrees on anything anymore.
To me it appears convenient for the politicians though. Somewhere close to half the country isn't very happy that our president is GW right now. The half that is happy because he is president now, was in the same position when Clinton was in office.
"Impeach him!", they cried, but to no avail. Perhaps they'd be happier with a man like Quayle?
What I'm trying to say is that with half of the country taking turns being completely unhappy with our government (the presidency is just a good example), we are getting desensitized to feelings of malcontent for our government. Just think of how many people there are in the US dissatisfied with our government. Is it so hard to imagine that those numbers are growing?
So I am thinking that the longer we spend disgruntled over the condition of our government the easier it becomes for our government to do as they please without concern for what's best for the individual.
What I'm suggesting is in no way any sort of conspiracy theory. I think that individual politicians have an idea of how they think the world should be. If the people will still vote for them even when they barely support the politicians views then they are free to exercise those views.
With more and more issues making it into the political arena, it's getting easier for the politicians to get the votes they want without having to address any real issues. For example: abortion, this isn't a real issue, it's a total cop out. The people who are against it are only against it because they've been led to believe that it is acceptable to tell other people what to do with their reproductive organs. It doesn't matter how you look at the issue the fact is that it will remain legal. So regardless of a politician's stance on abortion they aren't going to do anything about it. You might as well vote for the politician whose favorite color is coolest. If they do get into office with an anti-abortion stance the most they will do is support some virtually meaningless restriction just so that they can keep the anti-abortion voters for re-election. Same thing with gay marriage, the only reason it isn't legal is because the votes aren't behind it. It should be legal even though much less than 51% of us are gay or support their right to marry. It's just not a real issue. Gay people should be able to band together and ask their government to recognize their union, right? Then big daddy government should say "Ok, we'll right it down and make it official." at least you'd think.
Politics just isn't about people anymore, and it has nothing to do with common sense. It's turned into this I'm better than you contest or something.
I really don't believe that we the people of the United States of America get a lot back from our government. It seems the government is more concerned about whether or not gay people can marry than they are about a healthcare system that works. Not only that but I'll bet you more of the people are worried about whether gay people can marry than affordable healthcare. It gets more press coverage I believe.
I've heard some people say that the news media are pawns of the government, that may be true, but I think it's the other way around.


The Day I Died

Uncommon, Mostly Useless, or Completely Useless Words

From now on I plan on adding an "Uncommon, Mostly Useless, or Completely Useless Word of the Day" daily. Here is the first:

1.> A liturgical prayer consisting of a series of petitions recited by a
leader alternating with fixed responses by the congregation.
2.> A repetitive or incantatory recital: “the litany of layoffs in recent months by corporate giants”

This word is: uncommon and mostly useless

Why: I've never said it or needed to. I rarely hear or read it and when I did I never even bothered to look it up before because it was never imperative to understanding the text or speech. Also, I've never encountered it in a dialogue.

Smart Factor: 6

The Smart Factor is how smart using the word makes you sound on a scale from 1-10. 10 is something like using antidisestablishmentarianism in a sentence that legitimately calls for that word. 1 is like anything Pauly Shore used to say in his movies when they were still being made, way back in 1992 bu-u-u-u-dy.

I hope you liked the Uncommon, Mostly Useless, or Completely Useless Word of the Day. I look forward to sharing more of them with you.


Is Our Government Ours?

I'm not going to get into specifics, but something made me ask "Is our government ours?" today. It seems to me that somehow the government and the people at some point in time have become separate entities.
Perhaps it always was this way, was actually intended to be this way, and I'm just a bit naive for buying into the ideal America of our perfect founding fathers I was sold in the public school system. It was such a nice story though about utter honesty, liberation, majestic bombs bursting in the air. I just have all of these Disneyesque images of wise and intelligent men in polite debate about the future of this country. Ben Franklin flying a kite, George Washington and his Father's cherry tree, or perhaps Thomas Jefferson's immortal words like, "I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." Too bad we couldn't bring Jefferson back from the dead, or maybe his campaign promises were just as likely to come true as today's politicians.
Rage Against the Machine sings "We gotta take the power back."
I'm just not so sure we ever had it to begin with.


Saturday, March 12, 2005

Torn at the Seams

Bumbling Federal Agent

This is a federal officer:
Because Only Police Are Trained in Safe Handling Procedures
I guarantee he's getting paid to speak in front of students about how evil guns are. To top it all off he shoots himself, because he has no common sense. Now every kid in that room is deathly afraid of guns because he just showed them that even when a police officer is handling them they go BANG for no reason.
Maybe I've been living in a pipe dream, but I really didn't think that the government was paying cops to go to schools to tell kids that guns are evil, scary, and dangerous. Now I know that when it comes to our rights we are up against our government.
Honestly there are 5 year olds who never would've made the same mistake that bumbling idiot made. Almost any child of a gun owner knows better than this. It's too bad he didn't shoot himself in the face, really. That guy is worthless garbage, or at least his training was.
Don't forget, if you pay taxes you just paid that guy to shoot himself in front of a bunch of kids, and you're paying for his hospital visit. I wonder exactly how many dollars of taxpayers hard earned money went into his training?
One more reason to believe this guy is a simpleton is that there is no such thing as a Glock 40. Perhaps he meant a Glock that shoots 40 S&W bullets? Though if he knew what he was talking about he would have just called it by it's model number because every Glock 40 caliber has it's own number, either 22, 23, 24, 27, or 35. He also mentions that 50 cent, too short, and all of the rappers sing about the "Glock 40", which is simply not true. The words "Glock 40" do not appear in any rap song, if you can find it in a popular rap song I will buy you a "Glock 40".
One last thing, does it perhaps appear that this guy has been using steroids? He is utterly massive. Maybe he doesn't use steroids, but I doubt it. He is a DEA officer so I think it's odd that steroids are ok for him, but drugs aren't ok for anyone else. Ask any body builder, you don't get that huge without steroids.


Wooden Nickel

The Statist Thugs of Quincy, Mass.

To start with here a a few links concerning how they do things in Quincy:
Strange Visit to Quincy Police Dept. and a little something about the QPD from the DOJ .
Now for those of you who aren't familiar with firearms rights jargon and aren't quite sure what "shall issue" means exactly, I'll explain. Shall issue means that the state shall issue a permit to carry a concealed pistol if the applicant meets the legal requirements to do so. In all shall issue states that means at least that the applicant is not a felon or mentally adjudicated (meaning not a whackjob as per the state's definition). In some states that also means they have received adequate and certified training in the safety and proper use of a pistol.
The other side of that is "may issue" meaning those states might give you one if they feel like it. It usually means your chances of getting one are slim to none unless you are "connected", rich, or both.
Here is a link to a map of shall issue vs. may issue vs. haha you moved to Wisconsin: Shall/May_Map .
I just got a heads-up on Massachusetts, apparently they are shall issue about non-high-capacity shotguns and rifles only (Thanks Bruce). So the impression I get, based on Jesse C. Cohen's recount of his experience with them and the DOJ's audit information, is that Quincy's boys in blue think they can run the show however they want, regardless of state law.
It seems to be a growing trend in police departments across America to run things their way. In departments like this they are all buddies and the area judges are ex-cops as well. They all pal up and protect each other, instead of reaching out to the communities with friendship or an assurance that they are there to protect and serve. Rarely do we meet a cop who is a member of the community first and a police officer second.
This only concerns the corrupt departments and individuals, this is not to say that the majority of police officers aren't fine individuals or responsible and fair police officers. My biggest complaint is that it's only too often we hear of an individual's encounter with the police, and the words protect and serve just don't come to mind.
I just can't think of one instance in my life where I was glad to see a police officer and I doubt I'm the only one who feels this way. Of the times I've had any encounters with law enforcement I was always the bad guy and they were sure to point this out to me regardless of the fact that I was always courteous and helpful towards them. This is not to say I'm a criminal, just that perhaps there were times in my life where I dressed like one, like when I was a rebellious teenager.
These good ol' boy police departments are an issue in my opinion. They grant themselves more power than they deserve. I think it is the communities job to give the police power, as the laws were written by people of the community be it local, county, state, or federal laws. The laws don't come from god, they are not absolute, they are always subject to our approval, and we do have the power to change them. I don't think we should tolerate the police as if they are the law. They are only the servants and enforcers of the laws, our laws and we cannot let them use our laws to gain the authority to rule our lives like tyrants. These attack-dogs need a shorter leash.
I believe too many people fear the police and will just go along with whatever corrupt thing they decide is the law for that day. Much like the Chief of Police in Quincy thinks he makes the concealed carry laws. If he didn't think people were just going to go along with whatever he said, then the fellow mentioned in Jesse Cohen's story would already have his permit and be able to defend himself from the criminals that the proactive police are unable to prevent retroactively. Apparently Chief Crowley is not only the absolute ruler of the people of Quincy, but he is also a mind reading psychic who can stop people from getting mugged, raped, murdered, etc. before it even happens. So no one in his jurisdiction needs a permit to protect themselves, they all live in Crowley's eden.

To me, this is utterly intolerable, illegal, and just plain wrong. I hope Chief Crowley and his coconspirators go to jail for a long time, that's what they deserve. It is a federal offense to conspire to deny someone their civil rights under the badge of authority. Though I'm sure you're all aware of the old adage about what you can do in one hand and do in the other to see which fills up quicker and I think it probably applies to this circumstance. I doubt we'll ever hear another word of it. Worst that will happen to Crowley is a paid suspension, and a small article about it in the back of the local newspaper. We'll see...
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Or you can check out all of mASS BACKWARDS a great blog about how messed up Massachusetts can be.


Friday, March 11, 2005

Hitchcock Glock 30

Terrorism, Democracy, Video Games, and Luis Vuitton

I have to apologize for yesterday's absence of material. I meant to post and did not get a chance to as terrorists had hijacked my blog. By terrorists I mean video games and laziness. While my intentions in keeping this blog were never to write an entry everyday. I had planned on writing an entry about I-forget-what and possibly some-other-stuff yesterday.
The reason I am saying that video games and laziness are terrorists is because I felt it was my turn to jump on the bandwagon and further the cause of the war on ideology. It just seems to me that if you want to make someone your enemy all you have to do is call them a terrorist and all of your buddies will agree to help out with the witch hunt. I always thought you had to commit an act of terror, or something like that, before people started calling you a terrorist, much like to be a scientist you have to commit an act of science. Apparently that isn't true in anymore.
It seems though that terrorists have become the new "they" or "them", they are the new "they" of today. When you need to complain about something or scare someone just use "the terrorists" in your complaint or fear mongering instead of "they" or "them". For example: 'We need to ban 50 caliber rifles because terrorists can get them and shoot down planes, or blow up chemical tanks with them.' or my favorite 'We need to start regulating lasers and laser diodes because terrorists can blind pilots with them.'
Maybe soon we will be hearing stuff, like 'Outlaw abortion, it's what the terrorists want!' or 'Goth kids are just terrorists in training.' maybe even 'Homosexuality and gay marriage is just a plot to undermine our traditional American values, weakening our social structure and making it easier for the terrorists to invade, burn our bibles, and make the women wear black hoods.' Perhaps we are actually already hearing these sorts of things in various conversations throughout the US. Much like during the cold war, drugs, hippies, and rock music were all just secret communist plots to erode our democratic values.
Steve Radke of Ferndale, Washington wrote a letter to the Editor of the Bellingham Herald asking. "How do soldiers who kill civilians differ from terrorists?" My answer would be simple; the soldiers are killing people that they think are terrorists. People like you who support this notion that there are terrorists everywhere make it easier for us to go to war with other people. You make it easier for the soldiers to follow orders, really you do.
Speaking of letters to the editor of the Bellingham Herald, here is an excerpt from a letter by Glenn Stewart of Ferndale, Washington:
"Spreading democracy is no guarantee of a peaceful world; to suggest such a thing to the American people, who face serious problems, is an insult. Our mission is to make this democracy work, only then should we take it on the road."

To which I reply; "What do you mean our democracy isn't perfect, when even the girls at the county assistance office have Luis Vuitton purses?"


Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I used to be a flute player. Now I'm just a killer who plays the flute.


Why do so many people use the word interesting when asked about something they don't understand? I would say something more along the lines of "I didn't understand it." instead of "I thought it was really interesting."
Also when encompassed in polysyllabic pseudo-intellectual conversation the word definitely is always used to say ' I agree'. Or maybe it just seems that way to me. For example, "Wow! That was really interesting." "Yeah, definitely."
One last thing, I'm not naming any names, but the same person who wrote this, "I won't profess to be your (or anyone's equal) on the question of metaphysics." also wrote this, "No illiterati there. If I had to correct every cunt's English, I'd need an army." Indeed they would, as the army would be doing all of the work. Not all of us are cut out to correct other's grammar and spelling.


Tattered Memorial

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Innocent Until Proven Terrorist

Terror Suspects Buying Firearms

I can't even begin to explain how unnerving this is to me, but I'll try. First of all, the article says to me that there are people who will buy into this crap, otherwise it wouldn't be in the New York times. That alone is unsettling enough.
The article presumes that just because someone is on a terrorist watch list that they are terrorists, or at least someone to be nervous about. My most intense qualm with this is the old saw "innocent until proven guilty", of which I (unless I missed something like a patriot act or whatever) believe the justice system is still supposed to uphold. Being as I have been the victim of not-so-innocent-until-proven-guilty treatment myself, I take personal issue with this. It is a really terrible position to be in when you are arrested and jailed for a crime you didn't do, and of which you were later acquitted of. Let alone all of the people who belief you were guilty even after the fact and treat you accordingly. It's just ugly and ignorant to treat people that way.
Lastly the only reason the article was written in a way to foster concern amongst it's readers is to serve the agenda of the gun-grabbing lobbyists. The author, as I am coming to know him, is nothing more than a lap dog for gun control advocates and the Brady Campaign. Do a search of his name and the word gun or brady campaign and you'll see exactly what I mean. If it is an article and he wrote it, it is probably about how guns are evil, and now that "Terrorist" is the new way to say evil, he can write about both at the same time. YAY!
I'm sure glad that this new wave of fear-mongering is keeping honest and truly talented writers in business. Now that the cold war is over and there are no more evil Russian invaders to blame for all of the draconian laws being passed they needed something.
Damn it all, but the media is just not on our side. They do not have the citizen's best interests in mind when they write this crap. So why do they do it? Is it because it's sensational, or is it because it's what people want to or expect to hear? I don't know why they report the pseudotruth skewed the way they do, but it's just plain wrong. We really should stop paying for it, it's getting out of hand.


Disconsolate Amber

Monday, March 07, 2005


The viscous but steady leak of metaphysical jargon into mainstream conversation is beginning to irritate me.
It all began with a brief conversation I had with a person the first (and hopefully last) time we met.
I'm not going to get into specifics but here is the gist of our verbal exchange; "You know what it's like, you're a Scorpio.” she said. "No... ...I don't!” I replied. Then she said, "You know when no one gets you because you are too deep."
Needless to say I was disturbed to find out that she actually assumed that everyone thought along the same disfigured lines as her. Of course I didn't say another word to her after that.
My point is that "deep" had no place in that conversation at all. If that conversation were based on an exchange of fact and not metaphysical perception it would have gone like this; "Do you ever get frustrated because you want to do something different than everyone else?” she asks. "Not anymore. Why?” I replied. "Well, it's just that I am trying to push my creative boundaries and instead I end up just doing weird random things and then making up the meaning for them as I go along. It's quite easy to do, and in no way reflects a genuine or mature attitude.” she says. "I understand where you are coming from. Why don't you stop worrying about how unique and individual you appear to others and start focusing on honesty and integrity?” I said. To which she exclaimed, "Wow! I think you're right. Perhaps all of this time I've spent in pursuit of justifying my random and dishonest behavior as a genuinely creative ability, was because I was afraid I wasn't good enough to interact genuinely with others in a manner of earnest. Maybe I should just quit trying to be creative and unique? It really hasn't gotten me anywhere."
In my experience decent people just don't refer to people as "deep" or "shallow". What purpose would it serve to label another as deep? Would they say thanks, and feel special. I just think that honest people would rather hand out better insults and compliments than deep and shallow. It really serves no purpose to consider someone as deep or shallow, or the worst of all "OPEN-MINDED".
People think just the way they think and they believe just what they believe. I don't see how one could deem one person as open minded and another as close-minded. What is the tangible difference between the two? Is one a Buddhist and the other a Methodist? Does one believe in Karma and the other not? Or perhaps one is prejudice and the other is not? If that's the case why not just say they are prejudice, if that is what they truly are?
Quote of Edie Brickell: Choke me in the shallow water, before I get too deep (This is from the philosophy is the top of the cereal box song.)
I wish someone would drown everyone in the metaphysically deep and/or shallow waters who uses the word DEEP to describe nonsensical behavior and/or prose. Or at least try.


Atrium of Fruition

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Purpose of This Blog

The purpose of this Blog is to alleviate the symptoms caused by my lack of stimuli, while providing an outlet for the few thoughts I have worth entertaining.
As a pampered male who spends his days isolated in a white box with brown puke colored/smelling carpet, I have come to know myself very well. I am living the solitary life and have become my only friend. I suppose you could say I'm the Humanist/Atheist version of a monk. I spend my days entirely devoted to my god, or rather my lack thereof. I also still find plenty of time for an utter lack of indulgence in delectation or any but the very slightest amount of recreation at all.
At this point I will have to apologize for my wordiness. I promise it won't always be this bad. I usually detest the loquacious type, but today I'm feeling garrulous. Which would also explain why I am starting a Blog. Enjoy.



This is me at an undisclosed location.